Kira B.

I worked with Sandra as my coach for a year and a half. In that time, she literally changed my life! 
I was struggling with the beginnings of a repeat bout of depression along with the challenges of being a mother to young children and a husband with chronic health challenges. At that time, I felt hopeless and overwhelmed. I truly feel like God sent me to her for help and am so blessed to now know the things I do.
We worked extensively on my mindset and my views around the situations in my life. She is a wealth of knowledge and I learned much about the brain, emotions and feelings and myself during my time with her. 
While working with her, we uncovered trauma that I didn't realize had played such a big role in my mindset and life. Sandra adjusted and was willing to spend the time on this unexpected discovery even though it was not in my original intake goal set. I am grateful her knowledge and experience realized it was something we needed to address and that we were able to do so successfully.
Sandra worked very hard to tailor her coaching to the tools and knowledge I needed to be successful. I know she spent extra time outside of our sessions to prepare for the following week. And although she planned things to teach each week, she was also flexible in changing if there were other things I needed to process or discuss. 
I always felt that Sandra was very respectful of my beliefs, my views and me in general. I am religious and I greatly appreciated that she was willing to talk about and discuss my religious beliefs in conjunction with my coaching. I didn't ever feel that I needed to hide parts of me or my interests at coaching. 
My circumstances have not changed much in that year and a half. My husband still has chronic health challenges and I still have energetic, young kids. However, my mind has been better able to process in a healthy way the things happening around me. I have found joyful moments with my family again. I have been able to realize that my needs are important and am taking care of myself. I am better at understanding my triggers and how to navigate life in a successful and confident manner. I rediscovered parts of me that I didn't realize were lost. Her coaching has gotten me to a place that I can now think about what practices will help me thrive even more. Before, I was simply struggling to make it day to day. 
Sandra was an absolute delight to work with and I now consider her a dear friend. She truly is a life changing investment that is worthy of your time and money. 

Taylor B.

 Coaching with Sandra has helped me get back on track with the things I want to accomplish in my life. As a mom of 3 young kids, I have struggled to stay in a healthy place mentally, especially on those days when I feel like I get nothing done. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to give everything I do equal value. That concept alone has made such an improvement for my mental health and has reduced a lot of stress for me. Thank you, Sandra, for getting my head cleared and helping me understand the importance of everything I do.

Betsy W.

Coaching has been an amazing experience! I'm not sure how to explain the differences in my life. After leaving the church, I felt totally lost and didn't know how to move forward. Discovering all of the lies my life had been built on felt overwhelming and I was reeling. Sandra somehow helped me rebuild my faith...not so much in God...but in myself, and that has been much more powerful. Today, I can make decisions with confidence, I can talk about my new beliefs without pushing them on other people, I can look at my past with fondness instead of regret, and I wake up every day knowing that I get to choose what I want in my future. I'm still a stay-at-home mom--but now I feel like so much more! Thank you, Sandra! 

 Erica P.

I have been working with Sandra for about ½ a year.  I have been so impressed with her personal and welcoming approach. She listens well and makes me feel comfortable. She also makes me work hard and dig deep. I really needed to ask myself some tough questions and she has helped me find ways to answer some of those questions and then ask more. I think that my time with Sandra has given me a chance to see my brain's patterns and find ways to change those patterns that I no longer want to be part of my life.  I look forward to continuing self-enlightenment and focusing more on my goals as I continue to work with her.

 Clara A.

I wish I’d found Sandra 10 years ago! My life would have been much better. She’s amazing at sharing different approaches and perspectives on the many complex situations that come to me on a daily basis. As a business owner, and in my personal life, I’ve learned that I can control my thoughts and feelings, which gives me all the power over how I react to life. Coaching with Sandra has been life-changing. I’m grateful for her example and her presence in my life at just the right time. Thank you, Sandra, for your patience in teaching me each concept and helping me understand and implement them in my life.

Jeanie M.

If I were to share the thing that was most powerful from coaching with Sandra, it was learning that my husband's porn use was not the end of everything good in my life. In fact, I now understand that it had nothing to do with me. When I first signed up for coaching, I was devastated. I wasn't sure how it would help, but I was desperate for something to change. That something was me. I learned to love myself and to allow my husband's addiction to by his...not mine. And today, I know that I am worthy no matter what. I have Sandra to thank for that gift. If you need help to recover yourself--Sandra's coaching is a great place to start!


Annie K.

I worked with Sandra for about a year and a half. When I first came to her, I had just left the Mormon church and was struggling in so many areas. My family had quit including me in conversations and activities. Most of my friends had ghosted me. I had become very depressed and even wondered if I had made the wrong decision when I left. Sandra helped me get back on my feet and taught me how to embrace my emotions rather than pushing them away. She encouraged me to see myself as a perfect human, a concept I'd never considered as a member of the church. She helped me understand different perspectives so I could effectively deal with my family and their questions. She helped mourn the losses and celebrate all of the things I've gained. I'm a different person after coaching with her. She always says I'm the one who deserves the credit because I did all the work, but I couldn't have done it without Sandra's support. If you're debating whether or not to hire her, just do it. You won't be sorry! 

Melissa B.

I hired Sandra to help me with some personal issues that had been holding me back for years. Not only has she been an amazing coach who has taught, encouraged, and supported me through the process, but she also has a quick wit and great sense of humor. I come away from each session feeling uplifted and motivated, ready to tackle all the things on my list. Coaching has given me the extra energy I needed to make real change happen in my life. And the best part is--I’ve learned how to create that energy over and over again. The list of ways my life has become better is too long to list!

Karyn C.

My life has completely changed since I started coaching with Sandra Jarvis.  The voices in my head prevented me from attaining my true potential.  I was hobbled to my limited potential just as tightly as the strongest horse is from running freely in its hobbles. Sandra rephrased my own words to give back to me in such a simple way that stopped me in my tracks and helped me see the fallacies in my thinking faster than any argument or debate I could have ever had.  The tools and skills I was able to employ with Sandra's coaching helped me to let go of quite a few deep seeded lies I had been holding onto for over 40 years.  She also taught me how to process feelings and how to use them to get what I want in my life. She is a talented coach and well worth it.  I was worth it and I'm thankful for her understanding and commitment.

Lara L. 

Sandra has helped me to recognize my strengths while working on my weak areas. I have grown emotionally and spiritually, and because of her coaching, I overcame fears that were holding me back and keeping me from reaching for my dreams. Sandra was easy to open up to and her kindness is evident in her approach. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to explore their self-worth.

Desiree M.

I hired Sandra to help me work through some challenging situations in my life. Through her coaching, I gave myself permission to be me–and therefore, to live my life the way I want to rather than living for other people. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Thank you, Sandra!

Briana W. 

Sandra has been such a joy to work with this past year. Together, we set personal and professional goals and, week by week, we chip away at them. What excitement and joy it has been to accomplish my goals! Sandra challenges my old patterns of thinking, she catches me and encourages me when I stumble, and she celebrates my victories! Perhaps most importantly, she laughs with me and together, we find joy in the pain. Through her coaching, I’ve been liberated to be myself.

Arthi P.

Sandra’s kind energy and good humor made it easy and felt safe for me to open up and explore some uncomfortable relationships. Her insights helped me recognize the disempowering thoughts and behaviors I held in relation with others, and challenged me to step out of existing patterns towards more constructive alternatives.

Candice M. 

Sandra is such a great coach! She taught me how to have peace, how to accomplish my goals, and how to build better relationships. I've struggled for years to feel good about myself, but in just a few short months, she provided me with tools and resources that put my issues and challenges into perspective. Today, I feel like my true self is emerging. I would highly recommend hiring Sandra as a coach.

Danielle A. 

I can’t tell you what was different when I finished coaching with Sandra. Everything in my life was the same--but I had changed. Instead of waking up miserable each morning, I learned to manage my thoughts and be more emotionally resilient so I can make it through the challenges of each day without all the mind drama. I’m grateful for the internal changes that have given me a new outlook on life.

 Jen S.

Although I’ve always been interested in personal development, I’d never considered hiring a life coach until my friend recommended Sandra. When I started working with her, I was amazed at how quickly my life changed. I used to spend a lot of time playing the victim. I’d ruminate about all of the things going wrong in my life. Sandra’s judgment journals helped me see how I was creating all of the negative energy in my life, and it helped me recognize that I could raise my energy simply by becoming more aware of the way I think. Sandra will be my coach for life...her ability to help me be the best version of me is that good!


Cara L.

I wondered if coaching was something that could really make a difference in my life. But after just 3 months of coaching with Sandra, I feel like myself again. Learning about energy and how to manage my mind has given me more confidence than I’ve had for years--and I’m enjoying my husband and family again, too. Doing the work on my mind has paid off as I’ve started to see changes in the way I react to difficult situations when they arise. It feels amazing to finally be in control of my destiny after a lifetime of feeling completely helpless. I would recommend Sandra to my best friend--which I already did! 

Annette M.

It is hard to describe everything Sandra has meant to me, not just as a coach, but as a friend! She will forever hold a special place in my heart! My life has been enriched through her coaching. Sandra has helped me find clarity in my world by holding up a mirror and having me really look at my thought processes. She has helped me find some sheer footing to stand on so that I can start to dream again. She has truly been a  blessing in my life.

Karina F.

When I joined Sandra’s program, my family was going through a really difficult time. She helped me recognize what was most important in my life and encouraged me to set aside the negative judgments that were pulling me down. I loved how the program focused on values and appreciated the opportunity to reflect on what was most important to me. This work has been life-changing.

Jessica R.

Coaching with Sandra helped me better understand the power I have in creating what I want in my life. I learned that living a good life isn't about having certain things, but rather, it's how I think about those things that make a difference. Sandra's kind personality and gentle nature make it easy to open up and dig deep when life feels overwhelming. I'm so grateful for the lessons I've learned and the changes I've made. I highly recommend Sandra as a coach.

 Shelice M. 

I’ve done years of work in therapy to understand my issues, but after just a few sessions with Sandra, I uncovered problems and discovered solutions that had never before occurred to me. Sandra gets it. She’s done the work, too, and because of that, she can be empathetic while still holding you accountable for your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. She's extremely knowledgeable about how the brain works and ways in which you can take back control of your life after traumatic experiences. I highly recommend her coaching.

JoAnna B. 

 My friend recommended Sandra. I was skeptical at first, until I saw the difference in her life. During the past year, my family relationships have completely changed. I can't quite put my finger on what's different, but at the same time, nothing is the same. We are happier then we've ever been...and I no longer dread our monthly family dinners. Just that was worth every penny! If you're trying to decide whether or not to do coaching, just do it! You won't regret hiring Sandra as your coach.

Heather Z.

I'm so glad I found Sandra when I did. Coaching with her has changed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. I went from being angry and bitter to feeling...everything. I'm no longer stuck in the negative emotion because Sandra taught me how to honor all of my emotions, and that has given me so much power over my life. This is not just thought work. This is learning to embrace every part of who you are and consciously choosing who you want to be. I can't recommend Sandra as a coach enough!

 Sallie C.

I worked with Sandra for the past six months. In that time, she has become a trusted friend. I came to her because I wanted to know how to quit being a victim in my life. We worked on accepting responsibility and forgiving myself for some things in my past. I appreciated her ability to show me that I could choose the perspective I want when challenging situations arise. Sandra is so good at what she does! I highly recommend working with her. She is amazing!

 Angela A.

I love coaching with Sandra. She has taught me new ways of looking at the world and reacting to the problems I'm experiencing. Her knowledge of how the brain works is extensive. She teaches me something new every time we meet together. She is always willing to help me with the areas that I want to improve. Most importantly, she helps me see my worth, and that is what really allows me to move forward and empowers me to make the changes I want in my life.

 Tiffany A.

Should you hire Sandra? Hell yes! There's no amount of time or money that could adequately repay her for the lessons I've learned through her coaching. What started out as an experiment to see if coaching could help me be more committed to my goals ended up being a life-changing experience. I highly recommend her program!

Kayla G.

Sandra’s coaching program taught me that I don’t have to be a victim because I have the power to choose the lens through which I view my life. Her confidence as a coach and her ability to guide me to see how my thoughts and emotions are creating my energy has changed me. I didn’t even know how miserable I was until she showed me a different way to look at life. If you’re looking for someone to commiserate with, she’s not the coach for you. But if you want an authentic coach who’s not afraid to challenge you, Sandra’s the real deal!

Jenna M.


Working with Sandra has changed my life. My marriage was on the verge of divorce and I didn't think there was anyway to recover it. Coaching was a last ditch effort to change. I can't believe how a few months of coaching has done more for me than years of therapy ever did. I've learned to be an emotional adult and after years of taking care of everyone else, I finally feel like I'm showing up for myself. Thank you, Sandra, for teaching me the tools to repair my marriage and change my life!

Nicole T.


The way my kids were choosing to live their lives was affecting me negatively every day. My relationship with my son was hanging by a thread and my daughters were always frustrated with me. I tried therapy, but it never did anything for my relationships. I read books on parenting and co-dependence and anything that seemed like it might help.

A friend recommended coaching with Sandra and after just a couple of sessions with her, things started changing. Let me be clear...my kids didn't change. But I did. And that shift has made all the difference in improving my relationships with my kids. 

I now have a much better relationship with my daughters and my son is starting to speak to me again. Just 6 months later and my life has completely changed. 

Sandra has a way of picking up on the thoughts and feelings that are keeping you stuck in destructive cycles. Her kind and empathetic ways make her easy to work with, even when dealing with sensitive family issues. Thank you, Sandra, for all the things I've learned from you and for helping me stick to it, even when I wanted to quit!  I highly recommend coaching if you're wanting to improve your relationships with your adult kids. It has been life changing for me!

Lizzy P. 

Sandra is AMAZING. The techniques and tools she uses to help with religious deprogramming have been unique to me, and incredibly eye-opening. She knows the right kinds of questions to ask to get you thinking about perspective. I have been able to re-think a LOT of things in my life, and I don't think I have ever felt this FREE. She has assisted in my learning to think and act for myself and not for a religion. She has encouraged me to explore the world, and the different beliefs, religions, practices, and groups that live within it. Sandra helped me give myself permission to explore those things. I don't feel like I am stuck in a box anymore!