Everything is always
working out for me!
(That doesn't mean it always works out how I 
expect or want it to!)


At my core, I'm perfect. And so are you! The goal of life is to get in touch with our perfect parts so we can recognize them in other people, too!


Pain is inevitable. But that doesn't mean you have to suffer. Suffering is always optional--because it's something we create with our thoughts!


Those are the words I said to Aubree, right before I unsuccessfully taught her to drift.

We were in a side-by-side Polaris Razor--both of us for the first time--and I wanted to spice things up. A few minutes before, I had successfully completed my first drift. Ever. So, of course, I was the perfect person to instruct my 14-year-old, unlicensed daughter on how to do the same. 

The correct answer to that question would have been, "No, Mom. No, I don't!" But being the obedient and adventurous child she was, she nodded, then took off across the hot, sand-covered asphalt.

It didn't end well. 


Unless you consider a $65,000 life flight to the nearest trauma center a success.

But something else happened that night. Something shifted in my brain. And frankly, I believe that shift saved my life.

When I climbed into the Razor, I was a bitter and angry woman on the cusp of divorce, biding my time until my life was over. 

But when I woke up the next morning, after several hours of surgery, I was optimistic, hopeful, and willing to do whatever was necessary to reattach and repair my dominant hand, which had been severed in the accident.

That was the beginning of the end for me.


Or maybe it was just a new beginning.

Whatever the case, my life was never the same. Suddenly, my eyes were opened to the beauty and wonder of the world around me, things I'd been blind to because of the severe sexual abuse and trauma of my childhood.

The first forty-five years of my life had been spent demanding answers to questions that had no answers and wanting justice for the unfairness of life. But the accident was like an awakening. It forced me to change the questions and accept the fact that more often than not, there were no answers.


It also forced me to take a good, hard look inside... 


...and honestly, I didn't like what I found. Despite the facade I'd always shown the world, I was miserable most of the time.

The next five years were a combination of "living hell" and "redemption." (Can you have both at the same time?) While my physical energy was focused on healing my hand and arm, my mental energy was focused on uncovering and healing the wounds deep inside of me. 

And there were many.

But whatever had happened in my brain that night worked in my favor. It wasn't easy to examine the pain of my youth, but it felt empowering to do it with intention and purpose. And all that self-reflection led to the greatest discovery of all!

I have the power to create whatever life I want to live. 


As the days and weeks went by, it became apparent to me that I was the ultimate authority in my life. 

Little old me.

I could choose what I wanted to think and then make it happen. And the thoughts I chose seemed to significantly influence how I felt and the type of energy I created. And the amount of energy available at any given time was a determining factor in what I could accomplish throughout the day. 

I quickly realized that guarding my brain against unwanted negativity was the key to healing, both my physical body and the mental trauma that had held me back since childhood.



Seriously. How did I miss that? Once I saw it, it seemed so obvious. But the first forty-five years of my life were spent wallowing in pain and self-pity because I didn't know I had a choice. 

Since the accident, I've used this knowledge to create an amazing life for myself. I used it when my child told me they were transgender. I used it when we were forced to declare bankruptcy and foreclose on our family home. I used it when I decided to leave the church. I used it to get through the pandemic. And I continue to use it in my life every day. 

The things I learned during my recovery are the exact tools I share with my clients today. Because here's the thing...

You don't have to be miserable.


 You have the power inside of you to create whatever you want. You can create a life of wealth and power. Or you can create a life of purpose and peace.

It's entirely up to you.

So if you're ready to do something different... If you're ready to move beyond misery... If you're ready to become the woman you were meant to be...


Let's have a conversation to see if the tools I have to offer can help you create your best life.

But be warned. Once you see the power inside of you, you can't unsee it! So proceed with caution!


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