Hi! I'm Sandra...

...and I have a secret.

It's not a secret in the sense that no one knows about it...

Instead, it's something that most people don't believe.


Let me explain...

 You see, my life used to be filled with chaos.

From childhood abuse to cancer to bankruptcy, I was always in the middle of some major trauma.

And no matter how much work I did in therapy, I still couldn't seem to find the peace I so desperately wanted.

I was a bitter and angry woman, trying really hard to DO everything right, but with my life constantly in chaos...it all felt wrong. 

I often wondered if the chaos would ever end.

Then I was in an ATV accident that severed my right hand and landed me flat on my back in ICU. 

I couldn't DO anything.

I couldn't return to my day job.

I couldn't cook and clean for my family.

I couldn't volunteer in my community.

I couldn't do all the things that had given me a sense of worth.

Hell, I couldn't even wipe myself after going to the bathroom.

Through the next 5 years and 20 surgeries, I had to figure out how to be a human BEING...because before that, I'd been trying to prove my worth as a human DOING.

And the only thing I got from that was a lot of chaos!

When I could no longer DO anything, that's when I discovered the secret.


It was right after my accident.

I was lying in my hospital bed having a pity party and wondering, "WHY ME?" when I realized that I was going to have to do something different if I was going to survive.

It was almost an act of desperation that turned me inward - a last-ditch effort to find a reason to go on living.

As I looked inside myself and began searching for a reason to hang on, I discovered something amazing...something I never dreamed was possible.

Inside of me was an infinite spectrum of identities that I could pick and choose from.

Every possible variation of myself was there, from the most hideous, vile creature, to an energetic being filled with light and love.

And none was more real or true than another...I simply had to decide which one I wanted to claim.

I was fascinated by this discovery that I could become anyone I wanted to be!

I have to admit...the negative ones were enticing.


After all, I was lying in bed DOING absolutely nothing! It would have been easy to convince myself that I was worthless or bad.

But the love called out to me, and as I embraced that being and allowed myself to become one with it, I began to see everyone else in the same light.

And that's when the secret was revealed.

Humanity has gotten it all wrong!

There's not some ideal out there that we're all striving to become. 

Different doesn't mean flawed.

Perfect is not a destination.

It's who we are.

That light, that love, it's an intrinsic part of each one of us.

We simply have to embrace it.

And when you're willing to do that, you'll know the secret, too. 

That you're already perfect,
exactly the way you are today.

I know...it can be hard to believe.

There are all those voices out there telling you to
work harder, do more, be better.

But what if none of that is necessary?

What if you really are perfect?

Now, some of you are balking at this idea. You're like, "Come on, Sandra. I'm not perfect! Look at all this proof I have!"

But some of you can feel it.

Somewhere deep inside there's a voice that's whispering, "Relax, you're already perfect."

And you really want to believe it's true.

Today, I invite you to do just that.

Open yourself up, look deep inside, and believe.

And if you need a little help, I've got you!

That's where we begin inside the...

The Energy Lab is an online coaching community for women who have done their work in therapy but are still struggling to find purpose and peace. It's a place where you can learn and grow
alongside other women just like you who are striving to increase their energy and manage their minds so they can create a life they love.

Inside the lab, you'll let go of the lies you learned to tell yourself to prove you're not enough and work toward creating self-love and acceptance. That's the first step to cutting through the chaos and reconnecting with the powerful woman inside.

Then you'll work on loving your body, owning your truth, creating intentional relationships with the important people in your life, managing your time and money, and consciously creating a future you can look forward to!

The Energy Lab is a judgment-free community where you can come as you are...
and leave as whomever you want to be!

Join today to see what's possible when you change your mindset and believe that you are capable and worthy of living a fulfilling life.

Learn more about the Energy Lab

This is the work that changed my life.

I had done my work in therapy and knew how to process my trauma. 

But no one ever taught me how to embrace a new identity that could carry my through the future. Learning these skills changed my life. 

That's why I'm passionate about helping other women with a history of trauma cut through the chaos and take control of their lives by increasing their confidence and getting clarity for the future. 

After all...being a woman is hard enough. Doing it with trauma hanging over your head makes it even harder.

It's time to put that shit down and start creating a life you love...TODAY!


What are you waiting for? Check out the Energy Lab!