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Schedule a FREE Mini-Session
  • You devoted your life to a religion you now question.
  • You're scared to be yourself and tell others about your changing beliefs.
  • You hide your faults and all the things about you that don't equal "perfection".
  • You want to love yourself, but deep down, you wonder if you'll ever be enough.
  • You feel like you're being mean when you set boundaries, especially with those you love.
  • You wish you had the confidence to show up authentically and live your truth!
  • let go of your religious programming.
  • release the shame.
  • set and enforce boundaries.
  • create healthy relationships with friends and family who believe differently than you.
  • develop your spirituality outside of organized religion.
  • become more confident and self-assured.
  • uncover your purpose in life.
  • live your truth.
  • and become the woman you were always meant to be!

...a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and a survivor of all kinds of things! I've survived...

  • childhood abuse
  • marriage to a porn addict
  • severe anxiety and depression
  • miscarriage,
  • an ATV accident that severed my right hand
  • bankruptcy
  • the loss of our family home
  • and more...

After decades of beating myself up as I lived "faithfully" through the challenges of life, I walked away from the church, let go of the shame, and did the work to regain my confidence and become the woman I've always wanted to be!

Knowing how difficult this journey can be, I decided to dedicate my life to teaching women the tools that are necessary to move through this hard time so you can find meaning and purpose as the woman you were always meant to become!

With training in Religious Trauma Studies, Core Energetics, and Mind Management, I've coached hundreds of women through difficult challenges so they could embrace their worth and start living their truth. Are you ready to join them?



An amazing community of like-minded women to walk with you during your faith transition. It's my favorite place on the internet, and it's sure to be your's, too! Come join the fun!



Personalized coaching to help you undo your religious programming and become who you were always meant to be. The fastest and most effective way to transform from faithful to free. 



A weekly email to support your religious recovery. Get access to inspiring quotes, journal prompts, self-coaching questions, recommended resources, and more.  

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Welcome to Things We Didn't Lose--the podcast where we share stories from ex-Mormon women who have left the church and gone on to thrive--plus the tools that helped them get there. Despite what the church would have you believe, it turns out that you don't lose everything when you walk away. In fact, you have a whole lot to gain!

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Tune in to Things We Didn't Lose