• Were you taught that there's only one "right way" to be, and now that you've left the church, you feel a little bit guilty because you don't know what it is?
  • Have you spent your life taking care of everyone else, even at the expense of your own wants and needs because it was the Christlike thing to do?
  • Do you struggle to trust yourself  and make decisions for your own life because you're not sure if you know what's best for you?
  • Were you always the "good girl", striving to meet a standard of perfection that felt impossible--and yet necessary--to meet?

These are examples of religious programming...and even if you've left the church, they are probably still affecting your life today.



The problem with religious programming is that it disconnects you from integral parts of yourself. To undo your programming, you need to reconnect to yourself:

  • physically

  • mentally

  • emotionally

  • socially 

  • spiritually



That's the work we're doing inside the Self-Love Club.



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